Bethany A. Tucker

Bethany A. Tucker recently moved to Georgia, U.S.A. with her husband and boyfriend and dreams of the day when they can adopt all the cats and dogs.

Professionally, she writes YA Fantasy as Mustang Rabbit and dark fantasy as Ciara Darren, when she’s not having seizures or on the phone with far-flung family and friends.

Her identities as a practicing pagan, bisexual woman, and former member of an ultra-conservative Christian cult inform her creative work. Her final thesis at Denison University was on Art and Literature as Tools of Political Propaganda in Communist China. She has lived and worked in South Korea, Japan, and China, teaching English and cross-cultural communication and now offers developmental editing and coaching to fiction authors.

Her handbook Edit Your Novel for Structure: Tips, Tricks, and Checklists to Get You From Start to Finish is now available. 

To learn more about The Adelaide Series, YA fantasy adventure, visit Mustang Rabbit

For editing and coaching services visit The Art and Science of Words. Look up the First Five Package for a way to get a start on advice for your current manuscript.

Interested in finding out more about her dark epic fantasy? Then visit Ciara Darren. The first book in the Chronicles of Demons and Dragons series will be released late 2021. 

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