Episode 4 – The fear of cultural appropriation

In this episode of Doing Diversity in Writing, we talk about the fear of cultural appropriation. What we talked about How we define cultural appropriationThe difference between cultural appropriation and cultural exchangeAssassin’s Creed III vs. Disney’s Pocahontas, and why Assassin’s Creed III does it better than Pocahontas didThe “So sorry about colonialism” narrativeMarvel’s Black Panther,... Continue Reading →

Episode 3 – Common fears and frustrations

In this episode of Doing Diversity in Writing, we—Bethany and Mariëlle—discuss some of the fears and frustrations that might come up when writing diverse characters. What we talked about Representing someone in the wrong way……and why that shouldn’t keep us from tryingTaking someone else’s voice away by trying to speak for them……and where we stand... Continue Reading →

Episode 2 – Diversity and representation in fiction

In this episode of Doing Diversity in Writing, we—Bethany and Mariëlle—explain why a conversation about diversity and representation in fiction is necessary.  What we talked about the fact some characters are overrepresented while others are severely underrepresented in fictionpositive, and less positive, examples from our childhood and adult reading Mariëlle’s #ownvoices project My Voice, My Storysome... Continue Reading →

Episode 1 – An introduction

In this first episode of Doing Diversity in Writing, we—Bethany A. Tucker and Mariëlle S. Smith—talk about why we started this podcast, what our goals are for the show, and what topics we will be discussing in our first season and beyond.   What we talked about who this podcast is for—fiction writers wanting to write... Continue Reading →

From podcast to book

You could say that we’ve been on this journey towards writing a book on how to work with diversity in writing for a long time, ever since we each fell in love with stories and realized what an impact they make on our conscious and subconscious minds. The power of myth is nearly endless. And... Continue Reading →

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