Mariëlle S. Smith

Mariëlle S. Smith lives in Cyprus, a tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea. Before leaving the Netherlands, she taught about the politics of representation at Utrecht University for nearly a decade. She has co-written lesbian romance under the pen name Heather MacLee and is working on a YA Fantasy trilogy.

Next to being a writer, writing coach, and editor, this introvert with crippling bouts of social anxiety is also queer, vegan, a yogi, a Reiki Master, and a Magnified Healing practitioner.

Together, these identities have shaped her non-fiction work, which includes the 52 Weeks of Writing Author Journal and Planner, the 365 Days of Gratitude Journal, and various books with tarot spreads aimed at the creative practice. In her free time, she feeds stray cats on the beach as a volunteer for the local charity CopsCats

Visit her website for her editing and coaching services. For a healthy dose of cat pictures, breath-taking sunsets, the odd tarot challenge, and the occasional vegan treat, follow her on Instagram. And if listening to her weekly on the Doing Diversity in Writing podcast isn’t enough for you, she, also co-hosts the Diving into Writing podcast

You can find all her books and links to where to buy them on her website.

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